Mother’s Day Gift Box


Mother’s Day Gift Box

Crammed Full of  Cookies, Biscuits, Meringues and Confectionary





Want to impress someone you care about? Then this is the gift box for you, crammed full of decadent treats. We only use the best quality ingredients and all our products are hand crafted, baked and finished on our premises by our team of skilled Pastry Chefs. It’s exceptional value for beautiful  premium products. Make some day with our luxury Easter Gift Box.

Mother’s Day Gift Box Contains:

 2 x Hazelnut and Orange Jammie Dodgers 

Sandwiched with a generous dollop of fruity raspberry jam. Finest Italian hazelnuts, and good quality jam make these stand out from the crowd. They are in our top five best selling products. 

2 x Meringue Kisses 

Delightful and playful mounds of meringue, coloured and flavoured and then finished with sprinkles they are simply “pretty as a picture”. Gone in a nano second as they melt in the mouth, but remembered forever. 

2 x Granny Smith and Blackberry Frangipani Tarts

These delightful sweet pastry tarts are filled with frangipani and topped with crunchy green apples and blackberries. We don’t stop there, they are then hand finished with apricot glaze and a decedent thin translucent icing with apple brandy.

2 x Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Marshmallows

Pillows of strawberry flavoured marshmallows enrobed in 70% dark chocolate. Finished with high grade freeze dried raspberries and chocolate curls. The combination of fruit and chocolate is delicious.  You will love the way the chocolate cracks and the marshmallows are soft and squidgy. It’s the perfect texture combination.

2 x Mother’s Day Cookies

Yummy freshly baked star cookies decorated for Mum with hearts and flowers .

2 x Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats

Dark chocolate, marshmallow crispy treats decorated with chocolate flower transfer

2 x Raspberry Rumble Rocky Road

Chunky, chocolatey Rocky Road studded with cherries, marshmallows and mini chocolate Easter eggs.

2 x White Chocolate Lemon Pistachio Fudge

Creamy, chocolatey fudge flavoured with lemon and studded with dried cranberries and pistachios.


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